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The Money Mastery Academy is an online program focused on financial education. We provide monthly live access to financial experts to help you master your money. 

Speaker, Real Estate Investor, Certified Financial Education Instructor, and Author of The 30 Day Money Challenge

After years of mismanaging finances, over spending, and  just not making finances a priority. Nia made a decision to change her relationship with money. 

After self correcting her finances, she bought her first home at 27, paid off her bachelors degree, and  $30,000 in debt. As a real estate investor Nia is on a mission to help women secure their dream of home ownership.  

Her company Perspectives takes women from stressed and struggling to empowered about money so they can live a life they love. 

Let’s Make Personal Finance A Family Heirloom.

Money Mastery Academy offers monthly live access to financial experts all in one place. 


Nia has been my financial mentor for the past two years and has successfully reprogrammed my mindset to financial freedom. Prior to working with her, credit card debt and moving money around via balance transfer was a normal way of life. I have shifted my behavior to understanding fiscal responsibility, disciplined spending and aggressively paying down debt. I wish I had learned about her sooner.

Barbara A.

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 We will explore how to tackle debt, boost  credit scores, learn budget strategies… (if you didn’t know there was more than one, you definitely should be signing up), and learn how to put your money to work for you! 

 2 Live Trainings EVERY Month Including Side Hustle City, Credit & Mortgage Info Sessions, Estate Planning, How to Become an Investor and so much more!! 

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  You’ll also gain access to my Exclusive Community full of likeminded individuals working to reach their money goals.  

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Nia is the founder and creator of Perspectives. A personal finance education company that speaks life into the finances of the movers and shakers of the world. Nia is a Speaker, Money Influencer, Real Estate Investor, and Author.

Financial obstacles and triumphs of her own inspired Nia to become a personal finance educator. She uses her own story, education, and experiences to help individuals of all ages with tools and resources empowering them end the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, changing their relationship with money.

Nia’s mission is to help individuals become financially free to do more of what they love.